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Success Stories

"When I first went to the Secrets of Homebuying workshop at AHEAD, I never could have imagined the outcome that has transpired. For the last seven years since my divorce I have been sleeping in the living room of our old trailer, so that my kids could have their own bedrooms, and figured that was the way it would be until my kids went off to college. I spent nights worrying about how I was going to get out of the old dilapidated home, the roof needed to be replaced, the insulation was diminished, the wiring was outdated and unsafe leaving me constantly worried about fire possibilities.

...Being born and raised in New Hampshire my belief in charity help has been limited at best. But you have proven to me that the services of AHEAD and its NeighborWorks® HomeOwnership Center works and is a wonderful thing. We could have never done this without your help. I cannot express enough our gratitude for all the hard work that the folks at AHEAD have put in to help us. And I would recommend the HomeOwnership Center to everyone who wishes to buy a new home. Thank You!"

"Throughout my life, I had always rented a home. I never thought that homeownership could be within reach. AHEAD taught me how to save, and not only was I able to purchase my first home in 2007, but I even saved enough money to take my dream trip to Italy as well!"

Chris Chase from Colebrook saved his home from foreclosure with help from AHEAD.

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